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What about health insurance premiums ?

As a seemingly now ex-employee of ATS, what are we supposed to do about our health insurance premiums ? Supposedly ATS was paying a portion of our total premium so if the receiver has frozen all those payments and our jobs have gone away (it seems), now we are being forced to consider dropping insurance and pay a fine (tax) or trying to buy local insurance at likely much higher costs.

Yes, getting a new job is the obvious answer, but that is easier said than done. I have been applying like crazy, and unemployment seems to be on-hold until the court makes a decision.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Golden Beach, Florida, United States #904275

My unemployment is not on hold. What makes you think that? I have been approved for mine.


ATS won't pay nothing, you will lose your insurance. Guess its medicaid and unemployment for you.

Lake Worth, Florida, United States #904215

I have applied for unemployment, but I think I might be a victim of unemployment fraud as reported by WPTV on facebook today.

Now having tried to prove my identity, I have to wait and see if unemployment will be granted after the authentication team corrects my identity.


Has anyone applied for unemployment?

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