Boca Raton, Florida

Matt Gulla was on Ted's team for 90 days, then got his very own department (Customer Advocacy). With a resume like this he was clearly the one for the job...

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to ATS manager #901282

Think you just about hit the nail on the head.....

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #901245


Hello people or employees of ATS,

I am a former employee of ATS of higher post.I am writing this not because of anger or to support anyone.

This is to tell how stupidity the managers of the higher of Philippines think they are big *** and whenever they were asked for any doubts or higher level techs to escalate issues they would take hours or vanish without trace leaving there lower level techs and other branches handled by them at stake. To be honest this is to John Shellard.. ***.u are not capable being a higher L3 or whatever they would say tell the Cx we cannot fix it even when they can fix it. But the most disturbing thing is they try to keep their employees down when they say they can fix it with honesty 100%.

To be thankful they say the INDIAN team were the worst , but the truth is bitter they speak English which is not up-to the standard the cx expect, but they we tech with good knowledge what they were doing to fix a cx issue which is related to it. Not run some *** tools on all Pc which was embedded with codes to crash the cx Pc. They were true they loved their cx even if the cx disgraced them and called all F** words. They spend time will the cx fixing additional issue.

And the ATS thing they are causing problems to ATS Balls. They were your saviour they made up many cx who were to leave url to get some satisfaction . They spend hours with cx even what they spend with their wife, family and children they loved their jobs. they...

Ask the big shots who made big time money with other hard earned money just finding mistake even when they are right saying this is the way to fix a cx Pc and recover precious files which were lost by some *** Toolkit installed on the cx Pc and when recovered they say dont recover it. So putting the blame on the tech or agency who wored lastly on the cx Pc..

I would carry on as much because these crooks and Bas*** sucked everyone blood and traind techs ha to sell their soul to these evil follow them like idiotic robots and do what they say when they know that issue is not going to be resolved , to say truly they ATS doesn't have mercy on his cx which the techs had but were stopped to help them.its a shameee...

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to Peter #901371



look matt up convicted felon unreal!

excellent choice.So many people looking to move up in the company, and this is their hire?

Customer advocate??? It show their employees JUST HOW MUCH they are really looking out for keeping everything running in an" UP and UP" way. THEY NEVER WANTED ANYONE WHO HAD A BRAIN to help run anything there, as they would have exposed all of their scam. The Team Leads were promoted based on their ability to just be " mindless puppets " and mimic everything they were told.

( Both FRONT END and SAT ) Anyone asked a question it was always " I dont know " they know why LOL...good luck getting your jobs or paychecks guys...( my heart feels for those of you with babies to feed )It was hard enough just dealing with their *** before....just watch as the bs comes forward are going to kick yourselves for being so blind to it all this time...they used all of you and fed you loads of *** ( food pun as well )to keep you quite. ATS UNIVERSITY????

WTF is that?Never heard of it!!!


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So what do you get when you've admitted to committing hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars worth of mortgage fraud over the span of a decade? The two mortgage brokers at the epicenter of the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud trial, Matt Gulla and Rene Rodriguez Jr, have finally received their sentences, remember, they both admitted to among other things, destroying evidence, committing thousands of other frauds, not to mention that they literally imploded in court while testifying against the men on trial possibly causing the prosecution their case.

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