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From a customer who realized this was scam before I lost any of my hard earned money.

It's quite obvious that after reading all these posts for the last few weeks that the employees and management of ATS are clueless. So let me enlighten all of you that can't, write or speak correctly due to a severe lack of education.

The court and judge ruled that ATS did, in fact, deceive it's customers. The court ruled in favor of the FTC and agree that a preliminary injunction should be granted but a limited one as the case PROCEEDS.

For those of you who do not understand that, this means that all of the hundreds of millions of dollars that the company earned over the years has been earned by deceiving people. It's quite obvious that if your company did not deceive people at the start of every call that it would never have earned a dime. Your sales people would not have been earning thousands of dollars every month. The owners would not have made all the money they have.

None of the income from selling tech support services, upgraded software etc would have been earned if it was not for the initial deceiving of the customer on the phone call explaining all the "problems" they had.

Keep this in mind for a few moments.

Quote from judges ruling - "With these principles in mind, and after carefully reviewing the pleadings, declarations,

evidence, and testimony of witnesses, the Court concludes that Plaintiffs have established at least a likelihood of success on the merits against both the PC Cleaner Defendants and the ICE Defendants"

This basically means that the FTC will likely succeed as the case proceeds. NOTE to ATS employees - The case is not over.

In a nut shell, the judge has allowed ATS to reopen its doors while the case proceeds.

The judge also ordered funds to be put aside for paying back customers for RESTITUTION. The judge was being kind so your company could function while it waits to be crushed in the future.

I can assure you the FTC will proceed with attempting to obtain a judgement for restitution for all ill gotten gains which could amount to almost $200,000,000 dollars over the years. At the very least they will go after all of the profits the company earned over the years. There are countless companies the FTC sued that were allowed to reopen and then later received a nice present in the mail in the form of a hundred million dollar judgement and customer restitution bill. Take a look online and you will see for yourself.

Further, the judge ordered that ATS CANNOT make false statements or mislead its customers in violation of the telemarketing sales acts going forward. They will monitor this from day one.

So have fun going back to work next week when you can't lie to the customers on the phone and tell them they have all these viruses, system problems etc when in fact they don't. Your pay checks will go from $7000 per month to $70 per month!

Oh, and bye the way, just remember the court and FTC investigators will be making secret calls again to monitor how well you guys are doing....

I suspect that your company will be open for another 6 months to a year. The FTC will win a huge judgement against ATS and force it to shut it's doors then. Even before that your company will most likely wither away and die when the owners realize they cant scam people any more and have to function as a legitimate tech support company unless they plan on being in contempt of court. Your staff will go from 1000 to 10 people sitting around waiting for calls to come in.

Good luck dealing with all the charge backs and class action law suits. I'm sure there are plenty of lawyers chomping at the bit to take on this case.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: NA.

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Nice to see people going back to work and a commitment to serve the public with integrity.

Now if ICE & ATS can stop scamming the employees. Yes you have been scammed if you have had 10-40% deducted from your monthly commission pay check.

I worked for ICE as a sales rep.

When I would get my monthly commission check it always had excessive charge-backs as high as 30%.....wow

I always requested a list of the people I sold, that cancelled. They always said we will get that to you because by law ICE has to comply. The two years I was there not one time did I receive a list of my sales that were cancelled. There has to be a list after all ICE did charge back so called cancellations to me and everyone else at ICE.

The reason I left before the shut down I got some inside track info that yes indeed ICE was also scamming the employees out of hard earned commissions.

Think about it, we worked for ICE, did our job and sold the service however ATS dropped the ball because they did not do a good job for people.

So we at ICE suffered the loss, that does not make sense. ATS should have been charged back out of their past profit for dropping the ball. Many former ICE employee's are considering starting a class action suit against ICE to retrieve our lost commissions.

We would like to see some comments from you on the issue. We are talking about an estimated 39+ million dollars.

Slidell, Louisiana, United States #923482

Your taking to ats people they are pretty dumb

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #921307

I am glad that ATS / ICE are able to pay their employees. Especially at this time of the year every dollar counts.

What I find really interesting is that the FTC and State of Florida don't seem to be going after the actual owners of ICE. They have indicted the local managers but the guys from Canada who own 80% seem to be out of the picture.

to Nick #921490

The owners are Don Wharton and Elton pereira according to the courts document . Strange they were not prosecuted. They also own Safecart the payment company.

to Anonymous Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #921741

Thanks. From the court documents it looks like they own Paretologic and Revenuewire (Safecart).

to Nick #921944

That all makes sense!! Paretologic makes REGCURE and a number of other PC utilities.

They were sending customers to activate the software. It looks like they controlled everything: software + tech support + payment

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #921190

Thank You.

Advanced Tech Support DIDN'T WIN, so all you *** managers saying they did, read the court docs.

Oh, wait, you can't understand them!?

Summary...This is far from over...

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #920677

it's 'champing'


Now let us dissect your "dissent" since you have a law degree.

First, if you have technical prowess, how are you a customer?

Next, I am no felon.

So survey says "kick rocks" as for that.

There was no establishment of "wilful intent" so there was no basis for totalitarian Injunction.

If you really are a PhD Juris Prudence, then you yourself are little more than a salesperson. Just so you know, I chose not to pursue a law degree because it was obvious that they were handing out too many of them to justify the expense both financial and emotional. I saw that the field was saturated and I also made the mature choice not to lie to or for people. Next, I am a salesman and a darned good one at that.

I sell with knowledge, integrity and class.

Sellers have a right to sell. Consumers have a right to buy. The value of a thing is determined by a buyer's willingness to pay and the availbility of the thing itself.

You are angry because you got a *** deal. OkAy, so we dropped the ball once. So we should be shut down for that? Preposterous.

Why would you say what you did?

to smartguyreal Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #920606


to smartguyreal Atlanta, Georgia, United States #920651

Might I add to MY comment, no one of even reasonable intellect would deliberately do anything to foul up our company. We had it really good.

Aside from pay, our leaders let us be ourselves. In 2 yrs, I never got zoned for being shady. The guys that run this will right things. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

It couldn't be better for me and mine. Peace and goodwill in 2015

to e4.tn Orange County, New York, United States #921019

In defense of the company and every single one of the technicians I've corresponded with over the past year or so... I must say, I have NEVER been more satisfied with ANY other company's customer service skills, knowledge, willingness to assist, cordial and polite manner, and promptness EVER!!

As a 56 year old guy who is technologically deficient, I would like to thank Advanced Tech Support for their diligence and ability to solve my issues, at least 95% of the time!

I wish the company well and look forward to their return!

to Richie , Curaçao #923591

Prompt. Yea your a manager because ats /inbound call experts was not ever prompt unless they just tuned your pc up and even then they messed that up.

to smartguyreal #921183

you made the choice to be a salesman at a *** company like ats because you think the law field is over saturated, you sir are just simply a sad piece of ***. salesman isn't a title you should be proud of and the poster is absolutely right.

ats scammed people. there's no way around it, *** own up to mr salesman.

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #921248

Wrong again! I was a salesman before ICE and will be one after it.

At no point in my posting did I say I became a salesman BECAUSE the law field is over saturated. Btw, I KNOW it is saturated. And salesman isn't a title I should be proud of? Says who?

It is the highest-paying career of all-time. Those with salesmanship ability will out-perform anyone in any given field.

Get over it. I am not angry that you are upset but you cannot knock me for using my natural abilities to make a living.

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #922011

Hahahahaatsdone this guy is surely a drug addict

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #922074

So glad you know so much. Druggie?

You are out of your mind.

Druggie? Lol...


You're a restarted customer who probably spends her weekends s*cking d!ck


Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed your gender. I apologize.

You have a law degree and in your professional opinion we will lose $200,000,000, now you say it may be small.

Please reference the other companies that have had a judgment of that magnitude, as you spoke of? As a lawyer, you understand why you should give me that info. TIA.

The contempt of court statement assumes a lot.

As a lawyer I think you know that.

Let’s face it; it is not hard to grasp the understanding of a log, whether technical or not, I’m sure with your extensive technical knowledge and understanding of computers, you would agree.

I don’t believe the judge was being kind to let us resume business operations, I think the decision was based on the weighing of facts. If he made a ruling out of charity, I agree, that would be wrong.

As a lawyer, calling a judge incompetent because you didn't get your way is unprofessional. Whatever happened to law schools teaching ethics?

You are basing your knowledge of our company, by reading discussion group postings? A lawyer? You must calm down and try to look at this impartially before you lose your cool and call people clueless, illiterate, etc.. Again, your law background should tell you that.

I apologized for the gender issue. Now you should apologize for your hurtful statements. We both know you are a better person than that. It’s good you do not have gambling issues.

See, we do have something in common.

(: I appreciate your getting back to me. madd

San Jose, California, United States #920523

First off Anonymous, I am a she and not a he. I also have a law degree and a technical background.

You can pick and choose whatever parts of the judges ruling you wish. The fact is the title of his ruling is "ORDER GRANTING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION" It was not "ATS WON" or "ATS CAN GO BACK TO SCAMMING PEOPLE"

I am sorry to tell you that the FTC will get a judgement against your company in the future. It may be small or it may be large but they will get one. It may come in a month or a year from now but it will come.

Based on his ruling your company will have to decide from next day open whether they wish to become contempt of court or operate as a legitimate company.

After reading many posts over the last few weeks it seems your company is a magnet for every scam artist and convicted felony in south Florida to gravitate to. The odds of your company proceeding as a legitimate company are very slim.

One last note. You mentioned the fact that the judge referenced the event viewer and how ATS staff were not using this anymore. This is so laughable that anyone with an ounce of computer knowledge would understand this judge had limited understanding of the issues at hand.

He basically said [para- phasing] "Oh, you don't use the event viewer anymore so your company must be legit" LOL.

This judge clearly lacked the understanding that your company took customers through an entire sales and support process that was designed to deceive them every step of the way.

If I was a betting women, which I'm not, I would bet that your company will continue to scam people and slip up. You'll be right back in front of the judge in due time.

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